Training Activity of the European Rainfall-InduCed Hazard Assessment (ERICHA) system
The objective of this training activity is to demonstrate the ERICHA system as well as to approach professional meteorological forecasters and Civil Protection agencies outside of the project to present the advancements and to gather feedback from external experienced users. Also, this activity promotes to exchange experiences over all instances (from developers to forecasters and end-users) and to achieve insight into other common practices.
The 2-days training activity is organised at the premises of the Spanish National Civil Protection School (ENPC, unit of the DGPCE) in Madrid, Spain. Lectures (first day) on aspects of the ERICHA and EFAS system will be complemented with practical sessions (second day) where participants will use the tools in real case situations.


The ERICHA system has been developed within the ERICHA project (2016-2017) as the follow-up of successful EC Civil Protection Prevention projects HAREN (2012-2013) and EDHIT (2014-2015).

See more details in the ERICHA WEB and USER GUIDE. It aims to enhance the assessment and anticipation of hazards triggered by heavy rainfall which can be monitored and forecasted by high-resolution radar-based preciptation nowcasting at European scale using the EUMETNET OPERA rainfall mosaics and lightning networks.
ERICHA system


The European Flood Awareness System (EFAS) is the operational European system monitoring and forecasting floods across Europe.

Based on Numerical Weather Prediction models, it provides complementary, flood early warning information up to 10 days in advance to its partners: the National/Regional Hydrological Services and the European Response and Coordination Centre (ERCC).

The ERICHA flash flood module has been implemented as a new flash flood layer of the EFAS since March 2017. This complements the present EFAS Flash Flood warning tools with very-short-range (up to 6 hours) high-resolution forecasts (at 1 km in space, every 15 minutes)
European Flood Awareness System (EFAS)


  • All the lectures and practical activities will be in English.
  • The tools are web-applications, so we recommend you to bring your own laptop.
  • Registration is required by 21 April 2017 and limited to 50 participants.